Me and Jungle is a LGBTQ+ owned business based in Oakland, CA.

Freddy is the founder, and plant expert. Originally from Thailand, his love for plants and flowers runs in his family. His mom has operated a flower business in Thailand for over 25 years. His favorite plant is the Monstera Albo.

Vini is the web designer and plant noobie. He was born in Brazil, and fell in love with plants during the pandemic when he realized that having a piece of nature inside his home brought him peace. His favorite plant is the Peace Lily, which was the first plant he didn’t kill– and it’s still thriving!

Finally, there is Kai, an Australian shepherd/border collie mix, who is the brains of the operation. It’s only unfortunate that he sometimes tries to eat the plants, but we think that’s his interpretation of quality control.

  • Freddy and Kai

  • Vini and Kai

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